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Fun Facts

~78% of people use process servers, vs. the 19% that use sherrifs.

~Process servers get the job done more quickly 90% of the time. When you're serving a document, time is not on your side, and getting it served a.s.a.p. is important to court and other proceedings. At Funderburk Investigative Services we ensure that our documents are delivered the day after they are served. They can also be delivered the day-of upon request.

~ When it comes to customer service, process servers get an average of 4.28 stars out of 5. Sherrifs only get 2.55 stars.

~People who need documents served on a regular basis reported that process servers knew the local laws better than sherrifs 58% of the time.

~Process servers are successful 92% of the time. Sherrifs are only successful for 74% of their serves.