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Skip Trace

Finding people who don't want to be found.

    • In many cases, proceeding with certain court actions relies on a person being served papers. If that person does not want to be found, it can be extremely hard to track them down in order to serve them. Trying to do so on your own can be expensive, time-consuming, and extremely stressful.


    • Going to a professional process server like Funderburk Investigative Services has a number of benefits. We offer a number of skip trace professionals with experience tracking down people who do not want to be found. We also have access to the most advanced technologies, surveillance methods, and insider-information that the general public does not.


      • If you need to find somebody who does not want to be served, or who is hard to find, then contact Funderburk Investigative Services for the fastest and most reliable skip-trace service in the Charlotte area.