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Give Funderburk Investigative and Process Service the chance to exceed your highest expectations with responsible, friendly, and understanding service.

Having a document served improperly can have serious consequences in a court proceeding. These include delays, complications, and sometimes the dismissal of an entire case. That is why it is imperative that you contact George Funderburk at Funderburk Investigative Services to have your serve delivered legally within the Charlotte metro area.

Serving a document can be as easy as visiting somebody’s home a couple of times, but it can be as hard as tracking down a person who is on the run. At Funderburk Investigative Services, we know that the sooner your document gets served the better. That is why all of our serves go out the next day. You can also request a quick-serve, in which case we will get it out right away. We will make several attempts to contact the person until they are found. Funderburk Investigative Services utilizes advanced GPS technologies and highly trained investigators to obtain all of the information possible to find those who need to be served.

What’s more, Mr. Funderburk offers the professional, responsible, friendly and understanding service that you need with important serves. Our unmatched loyalty, and 100% confidentiality, will put you at ease knowing that your serve is in the best hands possible.